What is Gratitude Training?

With the emergence of rapid technological growth such as the blockchain, autonomous cars, AI, etc., many people feel as though they are losing purpose and significance in the world. But Gratitude Training is the absolute fastest way to re-ignite the fire for life. Gratitude Training supports people to live a life of possibility and with purpose.

The owner of Gratitude Training, Jo Englesson, considers herself to be part of the “Gratitude Training cult,” but only in the sense that she follows the teachings of Gratitude Training like many follow Apple or Facebook. Jo Englesson thinks Gratitude Training is more like a community that fosters relationships and welcomes critical thinking and transformative practices. She believes others will join these transformational trainings once they learn about all the amazing benefits of the Gratitude Training leadership program three-part curriculum.

Gratitude Training focuses heavily on three major distinctions: Gratitude, Forgiveness and Community.  Gratitude Training also offers a full refund for anyone who finishes Parts 1 & 2 but does not find value.

By its very nature, Gratitude Training is intended to be experiential. They allow you to experience yourself in any kind of life situation through an array of lectures, games, exercises, small group activities, and other interactions.

By helping individuals figure out which narratives and beliefs fit with their life and which don’t, Gratitude Training aims to create a self-awareness that puts people back in control of their lives rather than just coasting through on automatic.

How Gratitude Training works is by creating a safe environment where a person can be pushed to their limits and find out what triggers them and how they respond to certain situations. This form of personal development is not intended to be deceiving or trick you. It simply wants to test how you react at times.

Overall, Gratitude Training is comprised of 25 percent lecture, 25 percent sharing, and 50 percent experiential practices such as interactive discussions, dyads, mingles, closed-eye processes, games, homework, and more.

One of the top trainers at Gratitude Training, Francine Rahe, has a way of connecting with those she works with. Francine Rahe is a well-connected, powerful and compassionate transformational trainer with more than 20 years of experience.

Francine Rahe and other Gratitude Training trainers can be contacted at the Gratitude Training main office in Pompano Beach, Fla. The office number is 561-66-6955.

So what are you waiting for? Join the community and help Gratitude Training achieve its goal of awakening the planet, maximizing joy, and actualizing peace.