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A creative peacemaker and founder of Gratitude Training, Jo Englesson is dedicated to helping others re-ignite their fire for life. There are those who ask, “Is Gratitude Training a cult?” To which Jo Englesson proudly replies, “Yes! But it is more so a cult of personality, an enthusiastic group of people who support each other in achieving a life of possibility and purpose.”

Jo Englesson considers herself to be part of the “Gratitude Training cult” because she follows the teachings of Gratitude Training and is part of a community of people who welcome critical thinking and transformative practices. It is her wholehearted belief that when others learn about the amazing benefits Gratitude Training can have on their lives they will be thrilled to also call themselves part of the Gratitude Training cult and follow its three-part leadership program.

A native of Lighthouse Point, Fla., Jo Englesson hails from Stockholm, Sweden, giving her great perspective on what it’s like to live and succeed among different countries and cultures. Prior to founding Gratitude Training, Jo Englesson became a creative peacemaker at TOFA, LLC, where she also helps transform the lives of others for the better.

Jo Englesson studied economics at Loyola Marymount University, but more recently she has studied community development and leadership through Gratitude Training.

So to get back to the matter of whether or not Gratitude Training is a cult, Jo Englesson likes to leave that up to your interpretation. If you’re idea of a cult is that of a destructive movement that asks people to follow teaching blindly, then no, Gratitude Training would not be considered a cult. But Jo Englesson explains that Gratitude Training is a cult in the sense that Bikram yoga is a cult, or Facebook is a cult, or Starbucks is a cult. These are things that many of us get very excited about and are passionate about following. They are also things that can support the greater good and human beings living healthier, happier lives, much like Gratitude Training.

As Jo Englesson puts it: If that’s makes Gratitude Training a cult then “I’m in!”

“The usage of the term CULT will often tell you more about the beliefs of the person using it than those being described by it.” Jo Englesson

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