Gratitude Training and the Meaning of Cult

As we are about a month away from Halloween, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the best cult Halloween movies. There’s no single way to identify which movies are cult movies. Harry Potter has very devoted fans, but is it a cult movie? It may be too mainstream. Cult movies are generally not at the top of the best movie lists or the leading box office draw, but the people who do enjoy these movies really get into their fandom.

Although it’s not necessarily a horror movie, The Rocky Horror Picture has to be the biggest cult Halloween movie there ever was. Let’s get one thing out of the way real quick. This movie really bombed badly. But, there was a small amount of people who got it and really fell in love with it. A New York theater decided, though, to start showing it at midnight, and people started to go see the movie in record numbers. They dressed up, had parties, and generally had a good time with the movie. The tradition still continues to this day.

Gratitude Training has a cult-like following by those who have discovered real, profound changes after going through the program. Gratitude Training offers individuals the opportunity to see themselves in a new light and learn ways to react and respond to things going on in their lives. Graduates often develop an “irrational” cult following of the program because it has really changed their lives.

The program’s founder, Jo Englesson, actually discussed Gratitude Training and cult questions she’s received in a video she posted. Jo Englesson explains that the word “cult” is ambiguous and means different things to different people. While you can certainly become part of a cult that is destructive to your well-being, it is not always the case. Just as you can be part of a cult-like following that loves a low-budget horror musical, you can be a passionate graduate of Gratitude Training as well.